Here's the list of all the Endangered Species shorts:Edit

Picture Name Time Description
Screenshot 2017-01-31 16.41.02

Planet Of The Ants

Planet Of The Ants          1:12 The stumpmates are marooned on the “moon” with an ant civilization, and Merl can’t take it any more! It’s a madhouse!
Screenshot 2017-01-31 16.42.17

Weather Report

Weather Report          1:12 In the stump there’s a high chance of sunny skies and flying couches!
Screenshot 2017-01-31 16.43.58

Modesty, Yes?

Modesty, Yes?          2:46 Merl becomes embarrassed when he realizes he’s not wearing any clothes, despite Pickle’s insistence that fur is as good as clothes for animals.
Screenshot 2017-01-31 16.44.50

Charades in a Bottle

Charades in a Bottle         1:18 Ever wondered what happens in your ship-in-a-bottle when you’re not looking? No? Well, here it is anyway.
Screenshot 2017-01-31 16.46.35

Knock Knock

Knock Knock         1:12 Knock Knock. Who’s there? It’s Merl! Merl is locked out of the stump, but it’s just one big joke to Pickle and Gull.
Screenshot 2017-01-31 16.47.42


Gullzilaaaa!         1:12 Gullzilla is trampling the innocent citizens of Stumpville! For once, Merl isn’t the one on military alert.