Shlitzy - Endangered Species

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Corn cob
Gull (formerly pretended to be)
Pickle, Merl, Gull (currently)
To take control of Gull's life
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Schlitzy is a rotten corn cob Gull found in episode 7, My Best Friend Schlitzy. He controls Gull's voice and is capable of walking and moving his eyelids. He is evil. His alter-ego is the Lone Cob of the Apocalypse.

Depiction in the series Edit

Schlitzy is like the evil/smarter voice inside Gull's head. He makes him do things he normally would not and he's the number 1 of the antagonists of the show.


Ep 7 My Best Friend Schlitzy

Ep 14 Just us League of Heroes

Ep 17 Borderline Nuts (cameo)

Ep 42 Where No Stump Has Gone Before

Ep 52 Cliffhanger (cameo)

Description Edit


Not much is known about Schlitzy's origin. He was found in what Gull called "the most exclusive dumpster in town". Gull met him when Shlitzy threw his eye at him. Gull gave it back, and then asked if he was a regular visitor and in the words of Gull, "from that moment on, we were best friends".

Relationships Edit

Gull Edit

Seems like Schlitzy has found the perfect victum/idiot to take control and advantage of. It is unknown the reason why he does it to Gull but it could be because Shlitzy needs a body for his evil plans and with Gull, that became pretty easy. It has been mentioned that Shlizty wants he and Gull to "come back to the dump where they belong".

Pickle and Merl Edit

Shlitzy hates Pickle and Merl because they ruin the plans he has to control Gull and he has tried to destroy them!

Skills and Abilities Edit

  • He can use Gull to say what he was to convey to other characters
  • He can walk
  • He can move his eyelids and make his pupils smaller

Gallery Edit

Gull and Shlitzy - Endangered Species

Trivia Edit

  • He is the number 1 antagonist in the show
  • He's played by Gull

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