Mosquito: Bzzzzzzz.

Merl: Ahh, my favourite time of the day, el brekko de cafe mundo.

Mosquito: Bzzzzzz.

Merl: Uhh.

Merl: mmmm.

Merl: oi, adios mosquito ra ra ra ra.

Gull: Merl did you get a paper cut again? It's not the magazines fault.

Pickle: Well if it ain't a old fashioned down hold magazine swinging, woo hoo! Me next ha ha ha ha ha.

Gull: uh, Hey Merl, did you know there is a mosquito in here?

Merl: Why yes Gull, I did.

Gull: Heey Merl.

Gull: huuu aahhh aahhh wait Merl, don't squish it, please.

Merl: What do you mean, no squishamente, it is a disgusting germy, insect.

Pickle: hu hem, Merl, Gull asked you nicely, which means, no squishing got it?

Merl: But Pickle, this bug is nothing but a disease ridden pestamente.

Pickle: Oh come on Merl, it's just a skeeter flying around the stump, what's the worst that could happen.

Merl: You were saying.

Pickle: Ok, maybe we should get rid of the little skeeter.

Merl: Ha ha, I knew you'd see it my way

Pickle: Nuh-uh, still no squishing Merl

Merl: huh, agreed, no squishing

Pickle: ah, now that that's settled, scratch

Gull: Come on guys, what's a few welts, when you've got a new friend

Merl: Ga, I am sorry Gull but that bug must be dealt with, mucho swiftamente

Pickle: No squishing

Merl: Uh, fine, I will catch the insecto, and dispose of it, in a way which is totally safe. How can the mosquito fly, if the air, she is filled with my many noisy honkings ha ha

Pickle: Come on Merl, we had a deal, no hurting the skeeter

Merl: but it does not sound like something to which I would agree, you know I live for the squish

Pickle: I am not saying we gotta be roommates with the little fella, I have a plan so clever, so precise, so foolproof, they'll be telling tales of my genius for generations

Pickle: Shoo

Gull: Shoo little guy

Pickle: Go on shoo

Merl: This, it is your genius plan, I will show you the shoeing, behold, my new anti-mosquito device

Pickle: Merl, you promised, no squishing

Mosquito: Bzzzz

Merl: I have you now diablo bug uh-ah

Gull: Wait Merl, give the mosquito just one more chance, please, I promise he'll never bother us again

(Mosquito plays flamenco)

Merl: I can never refuse, the flamenco, alright uno chanco

Gull: Now we try Gull's plan

Gull: and, never bothering us again

Pickle: Gull, how de get back inside?

Gull: ho ho ho, no no no, we don't ever go back in, that's the mosquitos stump now

Pickle: huh he ah, oh no you don't skeeter, get your sticky lips off of my carrots

Bigfoot: Pardon me folks, uh we got a complaint from inside the stump, there a problem here? Hey Merl, how's it going

Merl: ahhhh

Bigfoot: Alright miss, come with me

Pickle: Did that skeeter make you his, security guard Bigfoot

Bigfoot: Sure did, were best buds, he's got seven million of his little brothers and sisters, living right here in my fur

Pickle: After all the times I stopped you from being squished, this is how you pay me back, ahhhh let me at it, ah in uhhh

Merl: Ah is ahhh

Pickle: We don't agree on much Merl, but we do agree on this, mosquitos going down, I got an idea

Mosquito: bzzzzzz ha ha ha

Pickle: wha

Merl: got him

Pickle: he, we tried playing nice with you skeeter, now we're just gonna play

Merl: squish the mosquito, with lasers

Pickle: Yee ha, I'm getting me some extra bonus skeeter points

Merl and Pickle, ha ha oh ha ha ha grrrrrr

Pickle: ha ha ho ah, almost got it, almost got it

Merl: Pickle, how is this even possible

Pickle: Less talking, more lasering Merl

Gull: oh, that still counts as squishing